Starting a business is stressful and practically demands all your time and efforts. Strict immigration laws, the language barrier and other challenges will require all your attention. There is a long list of steps to help you in your entrepreneurial adventure. Before starting the process, it is essential that you get your business plan. It is necessary to put on paper what clients; segments, value proposition, channels, and resources are needed now and in the short and long term. Great planning often means the difference between success and failure.

Reachable and measurable financial goals will allow you to make the adjustments necessary for starting a new business in the USA. U.S. market is so large that for many small businesses finding a niche market is critically essential to survive. If there is a need for the particular product or services you are offering, then your business concept has potential. Unfortunately, both if you are selling a B2B or B2C product, U.S. market entrants must deal with complex state and local regulations.

Drafting a successful visa business plan will help you to save considerable resources and avoid numerous financial risks. For those who never started a business before, it can sound very intimidating. It is also essential to consult with a good immigration lawyer the type of visa needed to start your business. A study of the most convenient type of company and adequate tax treatment to develop your business must be clearly defined and documented before applying to you visa. Some of the most common types of visa available for Entrepreneurs, Investors & Business Owners are the E-2 treaty investor, L-1A and L-1B intracompany transferor EB-5 visa. You can find more information on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website:

The U.S. visa system is very complex, and we will provide assistance relating to your visa applications and business plan.

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